St. Mark’s Episcopal Church  

The nave of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church was built in 1963. Even though
Dalton is the carpet capital of the world, there is no carpet in the room.
The acoustics are quite good.

A 2/4 Moller Artiste, Op. 10138, was installed in 1966. Upon being replaced
by the Holtkamp, it was moved in 1988 to Christ Church, Episcopal, in
Chattanooga. It was replaced there by a Richards, Fowkes organ in 1997 and
was moved yet again – this time to St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in the
Chattanooga suburb of Hixson.

Holtkamp Organ Co., Opus 2014, 1988, 2/26


16′ Pommer
8′ Principal
8′ Rohrgedackt
4′ Octave
4′ Spitzflote
2′ Doublette
II Cornet
IV Mixture
8′ Trumpet


8′ Copula
8′ Gamba
8′ Voix Celeste
4′ Rohrflote
2′ Principal
III Scharf
8′ Schalmey


16′ Subbass
16′ Pommer GT
8′ Flotenprincipal
4′ Choralbass
16′ Fagott