2012 August Newsletter


There is no substitute for Personal Presence.
Television, telephone, texting, email, skype,  all tools of communication, yes indeed, yet, none is surrogate where human relationships are at stake.

I posit that personal presence has great power.
Power to influence and be influenced, power to comfort and be comforted, power to inspire and to be inspired, power to appreciate and be appreciated.

There is no stand in for our presence at Worship, our presence at the side of those who celebrate, those who weep, and those who need our help.

Blessings on each of our AGO members as your presence is felt this year where you serve.

Muriel J Phillips, Dean

August 2012

Gathered in God’s Presence, Gathered in his peace
See a torch of promise lit within this place, Lit within this place.

Egil Hovlund
Oslo Olympics ‘94