Northside Presbyterian Church

The first Presbyterian congregation to be established in Chattanooga north
of the river was a Northern Presbyterian church chartered on November 7,
1886. It took the name Northside Presbyterian Church. Initial meetings
were in a home at Baker and Jarnigan Streets, but a fire caused the small
flock to move to a grove on Frazier Avenue. In 1888, the people of
Northside erected their first building at the corner where Frazier Avenue
used to intersect with Barton Avenue before the Veterans Bridge was built.

The present sanctuary, built near the top of a knoll on Mississippi Avenue,
was erected in 1916 on land purchased from the old Chattanooga Normal
University in 1910. The first organ was Pilcher Op. 1035, a two manual of
19 ranks, installed in 1919. It was sold to White Oak United Methodist
Church (where it has been stored in the balcony ever since) and Moller
installed their Op. 9998 in 1965. It is a large two-manual custom organ,
not a unit organ. The console is drawknob.

The history of the church is from CATALYST FOR CHRIST – 150 YEARS, by David
Cooper, 1991.

M. P. Moller, Inc., Opus 9998, 1965, 2/20

8′ Diapason 16′ Rohrgedeckt 16′ Soubasse
8′ Bourdon 8′ Rohrflote 12 16′ Rohrgedeckt SW
8′ Dulciana 8′ Viole de Gambe 8′ Principal
4′ Octave 8′ Viole Celeste 8′ Bourdon 12
2′ Waldflote 4′ Principal 8′ Rohrflote SW
II Grave Mixture 4′ Koppelflote 4′ Octave 12
Tremulant III Plein Jeu 4′ Bourdon 12
Sub 8′ Trompette 2′ Octavin 12
Unison Off Tremulant
Super Sub
Chimes Unison Off