Signal Crest United Methodist, Signal Mtn 

The first service of Signal Crest United Methodist Church was held in the Masonic Hall on Signal Mountain on September 15, 1957, with 26 persons present. On December 21, 88 people were received as charter members. On January 19, 1959, the services were moved to Signal Mountain Grammar School, with ground-breaking for the new church facilities held on Palm Sunday of that year. One year later services were first held in the chapel. On Palm Sunday 1969 the first service was held in the present sanctuary, which is one of the most attractive in the city. A skylight runs along the entire apex of the roof, making the room seem bright and cheerful during the day even when the lights are out. The 500-seat nave has attractive contemporary stained-glass windows. There is a beautiful courtyard/amphitheatre area in the quadrangle formed by the four wings of the building.

The Schantz organ was dedicated on September 20, 1970 – and the memorial organ screen was dedicated on December 2, 1972. The organ sounds quite good in the very live room.

Schantz Organ Co., Opus 1004, 1970, 2/9


8′ Principal
8′ Gedackt
8′ Flauto Dolce
4′ Octave 12
2′ Super Octave 12
1 1/3′ Quinte
IV Mixture (derived)
Unison off


8′ Bordun
8′ Gemshorn
4′ Koppelflote
2′ Flote 12
8′ Trompette
Unison Off
2 blank tabs


16′ Bordun
8′ Principal GT
8′ Bordun 12
4′ Octave GT