Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church  

Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church was organized on April 7, 1929, with 140 members. It was the first church of any denomination on Signal Mountain. Unlike many new churches, the Signal Mountain congregation never needed financial assistance from Presbytery or other established churches.

One of the church’s founders was W. M. Marr, who been very successful in early airplane and automobile design. He moved to Signal Mountain for his health in 1914 after doctors ordered him to get some rest for the benefit of his health. He offered to build the first church building if the congregation would provide a suitable lot and construct an adjacent manse. The cornerstone was laid on September 27, 1931. The first service in the 350-seat church, which later became Marr Memorial Chapel, was held on May 1, 1932. The brick building cost $40,000. A new sanctuary-fellowship hall was completed in 1980. The church currently has over 1,600 members.

When the new sanctuary was completed, Marr Chapel housed a 3-manual Allen. The Schantz was installed across the front of the new 650-seat sanctuary behind and slightly above the elevated choirloft. A Trompette-en-Chamade was added by Schantz in 2002.

Schantz Organ Co., Opus 1589, 1980, 3/37


16′ Violone
8′ Prinzipal
8′ Holzgedackt
8′ Violone 12
4′ Oktav
4′ Koppelflote
2′ Super Oktav
IV Mixture
Unison Off
8′ Trompette-en-Chamade


16′ Bourdon 12 (prep)
8′ Flute a Cheminee
8′ Viole de Gambe
8′ Viole Celeste
4′ Prestant
4′ Cor de Nuit
2′ Flute a Bec
IV Plein Jeu
16′ Basson (prep)
8′ Trompette
8′ Basson 12 (prep)
4′ Clairon
Unison Off


8′ Bordun
8′ Erzahler (prep)
8′ Erzahler Celeste (prep)
4′ Hohlflote
2 2/3′ Nasat
2′ Principal
1 3/5′ Terz
III Mixture
8′ Krummhorn
Unison Off
8′ Trompette-en-Chamade GT


32′ Resultant —
16′ Principal
16′ Brummbass
16′ Violone GT
16′ Bourdon SW (prep)
8′ Octave 12
8′ Flotenbass 12
8′ Violone GT
8′ Bourdon SW (prep)
4′ Choralbass 12
4′ Flote
III Mixture
16′ Posaune
16′ Basson SW (prep)
8′ Basson SW (prep)
4′ Basson SW (prep)

The history of the church is from CATALYST FOR CHRIST – 150 YEARS, by David