St. Elmo United Methodist Church 

St. Elmo United Methodist Church was begun by the Rev. W. J. Drinnon in 1883
at the crossroads of Wauhatchie Pike and (Chattanooga) Valley Road as a
church school class with 14 members. Colonel A. M. Johnson gave a parcel of
land and contributed toward the building of the Methodist Church in St.
Elmo, which was then a fashionable area of large Victorian homes. A
building on the corner of 42nd Street and St. Elmo Avenue was completed in
1887. The present worship facility, at the corner of St. Elmo and 47th, was
dedicated on August 7, 1921.

A two-manual Wurlitzer church pipe organ, Op. 654, was installed in 1923.
It was replaced by the Moller in 1967. The sanctuary has pretty good
acoustics when empty and seats around 400.

The sanctuary was declared a total loss after a fire on the afternoon of August 23, 2009.

M. P. Moller, Inc., Opus 10330, 1967, 2/9


16′ Bourdon
8′ Diapason
8′ Gedeckt 12
8′ Dulciana
4′ Octave 12
8′ Gedeckt 12
2′ Flute 12
II Grave Mixture


8′ Viole de Gambe
8′ Viole Celeste
4′ Nachthorn
4′ Gambe 12
2′ Nachthorn 12
16′ Trompette
8′ Trompette 12
4′ Trompette 12


16′ Bourdon GT
8′ Diapason GT
8′ Gedeckt GT
8′ Viole de Gambe SW
4′ Octave GT
4′ Nachthorn SW
II Grave Mixture GT
16′ Trompette SW
8′ Trompette SW
4′ Trompette SW