First Baptist Church-Chapel 

The organ was originally installed in the old sanctuary at First Baptist
Church in 1896. It was removed during World War II and stored in the home
of a church member until it was returned to the church and placed in the
chapel of the new colonial-style facility in 1960. At the time of the
re-installation the beautifully stenciled pipes were painted gold with the
additional alteration of the removal of the third reservoir fold – probably
done to make it easier to releather, but unfortunately it did not provide
sufficient capacity.

In 1990 the A. E. Schlueter firm rebuilt the organ and manufactured the
missing third reservoir fold to restore the original winding capacity. The
stenciled facade was restored to its original beauty and the oak case
restored, with the assistance of Charles Walker of Atlanta.

The Schlueter firm is to be commended for an outstanding restoration job.

Henry Pilcher’s Sons, Op. 106, 1896, 1/5


8′ Diapason
8′ Melodia
8′ Dulciana
4′ Gemshorn


16′ Bourdon
8′ Unison Bass