Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Dalton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Casavant Freres, Ltee, Op. 3146, 1972, 2/19


8′ Rohrflote
4′ Principal
2′ Flachflote
II Sesquialtera tc
IV Mixture
8′ Regal


8′ Gedeckt
4′ Spitzflote
2′ Principal
1 1/3′ Quintflote
II Zimbel


16′ Subbass
8′ Principal
4′ Choralbass

The organ was originally installed at Wellshire Presbyterian Church,
Denver, Colorado, in 1972. It was replaced by Casavant Op. 3418, a 3/55, in the
new sanctuary of Wellshire in 1979. The organ was sold to the Dalton church
and installed in 1980. The mechanical-action instrument is located in the
balcony of the 250-seat contemporary building. The room has fairly good
acoustics. In something very unusual for any pipe organ, much less a
tracker, there is a short-compass Maas-Rowe chimes keyboard attached to
the bottom right of Manual I.