Church of the Nativity, Episcopal

The Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Fort Oglethorpe GA is a simple but
very attractive A-frame building located just over the state line from
Chattanooga. One of the most beautiful stained-glass windows in the
Chattanooga area is located in the church’s narthex.

The first pipe organ for the church was Wicks Op. 2372, which was installed
at the Chattanooga (formerly National) Funeral Home in 1941. It was
purchased by Nativity in 1980. The Wicks was replaced by the new organ and
sold via Barger & Nix to a Catholic church in Virginia. The Grant Edwards
organ was located via the Organ Clearing House and was purchased for $98,000
(plus an additional $12,000 to add the Mixture, 2′ Recorder and five
additional notes to the Nazard and Tierce). A fee of 5% of the listing
price was paid to the OCH for their services.

Grant Edwards, Opus 1, 2001, 2/17


16′ Subbass *
8′ Principal *
8′ Descant Flute (Hook & Hastings pipework)
8′ Chimney Flute
4′ Octave *
2′ Fifteenth
II-III Mixture (shared drawknob with 2′)
8′ Hautboy


8′ Stopped Flute
8′ Viola (used pipework, new beards and rescaled)
4′ Open Flute
2 2/3′ Nazard (double-draw, first to SW then to GT)
2′ Recorder
1 3/5′ Tierce tc


16′ Subbass *
8′ Principal *
4′ Octave *
16′ Bassoon


* Double-draw stops shared between Pedal and Great