University of the South—St. Luke’s Chapel  

This organ began as Pilcher Op. 1456, which was built in 1891 for First Baptist Church, Griffin GA. It was moved to All Saints’ Chapel at the University of the South in 1926 as Pilcher Op. 1456 1/2. At that time, the chapel was unfinished and had a temporary wooden floor and ceiling that was used for 47 years. With the completion of the chapel in 1959 and the installation of the new Casavant shortly thereafter, the Pilcher was moved to Guerry Hall. Over the years the organ was vandalized and pipes taken. In 1993 five ranks from the Pilcher were incorporated by the Milnar Organ Company with pipes from an old hand-pumped organ of unkown origin, with additional pipes, and installed in St. Luke’s Chapel.

To quote the Milnar website: “The organ is enclosed in two 20′ tall quarter-sawn oak cases on both sides of the stained-glass window and a hand-carved reredos of quarter-sawn oak framing; canvas paintings of the 12 apostles with Christ in the center. This instrument will serve as a teaching instrument as well as a performace instrument. With this in mind, we built the windchests with plexiglass bottom boards to enable the students to see the action in operation, as well as the movement of the bellows, swell machine, tremolo and winkers. The console is equipped with state of the art equipment, including full MIDI with playback capability.”

Milnar Organ Company, 1993, 2/18


16′ Bourdon SW
8′ Principal
8′ Harmonic Flute
8′ Gamba
4′ Octave
4′ Flute
2′ Flute Harmonique
IV Mixture
8′ Trumpet
Unison Off
SW to GT 16
SW to GT 8


16′ Bourdon
8′ Bourdon 12
8′ Salicional
8′ Celeste
4′ Principal
4′ Harmonic Flute
2 2/3′ Nazard 7
2′ Principal 12
8′ Oboe
Unison Off


16′ Bourdon
16′ Gedeckt SW
8′ Principal GT
8′ Bourdon 12
8′ Gedeckt SW
4′ Principal 12
GT to PD 8
GT to PD 4
SW to PD 8
SW to PD 4