Please note: Inclusion on this list does not imply a certain level of musical training, keyboard skills, nor experience in any denomination. The Employer is responsible for ascertaining the suitability of any potential Substitute for their particular situation, and discuss specific details and requirements before an agreement is reached.

Church/Institution Employers:  Please contact the members on this list individually by phone or email, not by group email.

Guild Members:  When establishing a fee, take into consideration the time required for consultation, personal preparation, travel and rehearsal with others in addition to the time to perform.

Fees should be discussed early on with the representative of the church/institution, with an understanding reached by both parties on the amount paid and the services to be rendered. Members should respond in a timely manner to inquiries for their services.


O: organist

C: choir director

P: piano

S,A,T,B for vocal soloists


Available on Sundays:

Anne Aycock, O, 615 347-0866,

Elsilynn Barber, O, P, C, S, 423-779-8434,

Lucy BowickO, P, 423-596-3522,

Adrienne Olson, O, 423-396-9889,

Muriel Phillips, O, C, S, 423-243-4467,

Dan Rineer, O, 423-886-1433,


Available Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals:

Anne Aycock, O, 615-347-0866, (No weddings, please.)

Lucy Bowick, O, P, 423-596-3522,

Sarah Harr, O, P, C, S, 901-486-3700,

Philip Newton, O, P, C, Baritone, 423-886-2281, x107,

Adrienne Olson, O, 423-396-9889,

David Patton, O, P, C, 423-774-0937,

Muriel Phillips, O, P, C, S, 423-243-4467,

Keith Reas, O, P, C, 423-304-3320,

Dan Rineer, O, 423-886-1433,

Tristen Rowland, O, P, T, 423-507-4180,

John Wigal, O, P, C, 423-322-1655,

Merry Lee Wilson, O, 423-314-5067,

Evangeline Wycoff, O, P, C, 423-473-6002,